Dealer Opportunities

As an accepted applicant for a territory you would be regarded as a member of the sales management team and being in your own business you would provide strategy and vision to establish and grow our existing and future product representation in core specialty channels of distribution - including Ski/Snowboard/Skateboard/Kite boarding Specialty and Bike Specialty as well as garnering fleet sales with local area Ski Resorts, Summer Camps and Adventure Facilities.

If a exclusivity of a territory is requested we expect the purchaser to be responsible for managing and acquiring your own team in your respective State or  Province and liaise with the national sales force's efforts in selling The Action Sports Category products, as well as working with internal product and marketing teams on all go-to-market strategies. You would bring a track record of managing national brands' sales efforts with specialty retail during your contractual 5 year term; with performance reviews during the 1st 3rd and 5th year. These goals will be jointly agreed upon and established from the manufacturer, A.S.E. and your own proven sales abilities.

• Responsible for supervising the action sports specialty sales efforts of your own State or Provincial Sales Force.
• Establish seasonal sales strategies/programs for maximizing our products presence in specialty retail channels such as Ski/Snowboard/Skateboard/Kite boarding Specialty and Bike Specialty.
• Manage all aspects of the business relationship with current and prospective dealers including distribution, marketing and promotional needs.
• Provide product and marketing input to direct future go-to-market strategies.
• Monitor shipment of seasonal order book, specifically pre-season, bulks and reorders.
• Develop relevant segmentation strategies for each activity that ensure our products are featured in premier retail shops.
• Manage sales responsibilities for activity —specific trade shows (i.e. SIA for the USA and Canadian Shows).
• Oversee vendor compliance, documentation and negotiation for accounts.
• A performance clause with be included in the contract

Mission statement is important in this area…Well I feel that it is …
OUR MISSION IS TO PROFOUNDLY AFFECT THE SPORTING GOODS INDUSTRY by offering diverse and dynamic brands, products and services that leave a lasting impression and inspire our customers.


  • We believe a culture of diversity, collaboration, cooperation and respect will move us to new levels.
  • We believe in our team members and employees who execute, educate, empower and energize.
  • We believe in people with drive, determination, ethics and loyalty


  • We believe in promoting best practices across our organization
  • We believe in finding new ways to get things done with our customer’s best interest at heart in a quick, efficient and innovative fashion
  • We believe in constantly refining our processes and measuring their success.


  • We believe in innovative products that reflect and expand on our meaning of what an action sport truly is.
  • We believe a great product can be something that our customers enjoy using, to bring them out of the doldrums of their normal day to day lives.
  • We believe that great products succeed because of great design and innovation.

Action Sports Enterprises is in the business to allow individuals that want their own territory to represent the sports we represent. Our business is your business, register online and select your territory or find your territory representative. Regions are available but are going fast. Once you register and your interest is approved you will be able to view our map and see if the
As we grow you grow, you will be grandfathered in and any new products that come on board while you are in your contract term will be an added bonus. Should someone purchase a territory where there is 6 products on board their price will remain the same. Should someone purchase when there are 9 products on board their price will be significantly higher than what yours was at 6.

Want your own business in Training and instructing? Register with us and complete the online course comparable to level 3 snowboarding instructor and or Kiting instructor. Once certified it will allow you to set up shop and become a professional trainer in most of the sports that we offer.  You keep up to 90 percent of your revenues. Offer lessons and classes for those interested in the sports and equipment. Hire yourself out to Resorts and Adventure Camps. One board rents for 85.00 per day and a 2 hour lesson is 45.00 imagine. If you are already instructors for snowboarding imagine having your existing clientele from the winter months coming back to you for the summer months.